Business solutions

Make payments to partners or customers?

Having a consolidated balance in the Capitalist will give you the opportunity to pay in one click to all popular payment systems and e-wallets.

  • 1
    Mass payments to bank cards all over the world and other payment systems
  • 2
    Balance refill by bank transfer in USD/EUR for 0%
  • 3
    Payments download in one file
  • 4
    Multi-step transaction protection
  • 5
    Competitive service rates

Working process

Registration of a business account
Signing contract
Depositing by bank transfer in USD/EUR

Capitalist – ideal solution for different business segments.

Affiliate programs

Top up your balance in Capitalist by bank transfer in USD / EUR and pay rewards to webmasters in any currency through a convenient API.
There is no longer a need to keep the balance in each system separately. Now all your payments are under one roof.


Representatives of this segment face lack of tools problem in order to cover the needs of a large customer base. Capitalist solves this issue 100%.
Send players winnings to many popular e-wallets, as well as to bank cards in any country of the world.

Cashback services

Join the top representatives of this niche, they are already working with Capitalist!

Send cashbacks to customers at the best rates to bank cards at a minimum fixed rate.

Payroll card projects

Get the money into the system via bank transfer and instantly send the salary to employees on the card.

Point-based payments are at your disposal, as well as mass payments by downloading a table with a list of recipients.