Operation add_payment_notification

Sending payment notification to the recipient.

Query parameters

Parameter Value
operation add_payment_notification
login <User name>
token <TOKEN>. Obtained after invoking get_token.
encrypted_password Encrypted password. It is obtained after user password RSA encryption with the use of a public exponent and the modulus obtained in invoking the get_token operation.
documentThe number of the document in the Capitalist system.
channelNotification method:
  • EMAIL — by email
  • SMS — by a short message to a mobile phone
addressThe email address of the recipient or his/her phone number, depending on the notification method chosen (the channel parameter).
languageNotification language:
  • ru — russian
  • en — english

See also

Response in the CSV format


Line No. Data format

Response examples

JSON (recommended format, please set x-response-format=json header)

    "code": 0,
    "message": "",
    "data": []


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