Description of CSV formatted answer

Semicolon ";" is used as the separator. The values containing reserved characters (double quotes, commas, semicolons) are wrapped in double quotes ("); if the value contains quotes, they appear as two quotes in a row in the file. The lines are separated by CR LF. (similar to

An example of a successful reply to get_accounts in the CSV format

"Для рефера";U0100652;USD;0.90;0.00
"Test API account";R0100415;RUR;0.00;0.00
"Для мерчанта RUR1";R0100050;RUR;115.00;0.00
"Биржа труда";R0100271;RUR;0.00;0.00
"Биржа USD";U0100692;USD;337.92;0.00
"Для мерчанта EUR";E0100853;EUR;0.00;0.00
"Очень большое название и длинное";R0100813;RUR;14347.25;0.00
"Bitcoin 23";B0100245;BTC;2.00;0.00
"Для мерчанта USD";U0100788;USD;31.25;0.00
"Test API account";R0100560;RUR;0.00;0.00

See also

  • json — the format of a JSON reply with the named parameters.
  • json-lite — the format of a JSON-LITE reply. CSV data presented in the form of a json string.
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