Business Safety Boards in the current financial situation

Publication date: 28.02.2022

Dear Clients, 
In the face of sanctions pressure from the US, EU countries and the UK, we drew up recommendations for you. 
If the structure of your company includes or is managed by  Russian citizens and company’s  bank accounts are opened in the EU, UK, US, we kindly advise you to:
 - Open duplicate accounts outside the EU, US, UK. We recommend to pay attention to Asian countries, Dubai, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey; 
 - Make changes in  the company’s structure (Director, Account Manager, Attorney). Exclude Russian citizens from the structure replacing with non-residents; 
 - Do not keep large balances in bank accounts to avoid the risk of freezing funds; 
 - Redirect some of the financial flows to the stable coin (USDT) to reduce losses from potential freezing of accounts. 
We remind that you can replenish your account in the Capitalist system using: 
- Bank transfer (SEPA, SWIFT) in EUR/USD without commission; 
- Stablecoins USDT (ERC-20) and USDT (TRC-20) without commission. 
At this moment all the Capitalist services are working in regular mode. 
Transfers are sent without delay and payments are accepted according to the usual operation mode.