Reserve channel for payments to Russian bank cards, RUR

Publication date: 10.03.2022

Dear Clients,

There is a temporary suspension of payments to bank cards issued by the Russian Federation banks in RUR currency on the main channel. We are making every effort to restore this payment gateway.

In case of need to execute urgent payments to Russian bank cards in RUR currency, please, use the backup payment channel Card2Card:

  •  The limit for one transaction is from 100 RUR to 200 000 RUR, the amount is not splitted;
  •  Fast crediting of funds;
  • The fee is dynamic. Please, pay attention to the fees during transaction confirmation.

Main features of Card2Card payment method:
 - The term for crediting funds to a bank card is no more than 1 hour as a rule;
 - Funds are credited by transfer from an individual.

The detailed information about this payment method is available at the link in the Personal client account: