New currency in the Capitalist system: USDC (Erc20)

Publication date: 27.04.2022

Dear Clients,

Now in the Capitalist system you have an opportunity to make transactions in stablecoin USDC (Erc20). 
Your free USDC (ERC20) account will be automatically added to the section Crypto accounts.

USDC features:

  •  Based on Ethereum Erc20;
  •  Exchange within the Capitalist system is carried out at the rate of 1 USDC=1 USD with no fee (in the menu section Currency exchange);
  •  Transfers between Capitalist wallets in USDC with no fee;
  •  Replenishment from USDC wallets with no fee;
  •  Transfers to external wallets in USDC.

Do you still have any questions?
Capitalist Support Team