Refund policy for Capitalist virtual cards

Publication date: 18.05.2022

Dear Clients, 

If you use Capitalist virtual cards to launch ads, please, check out our card refund policy:

  •  If social network has blocked an account linked to the Capitalist card, we do not recommend you deactivate the card in the personal account of the Capitalist system immediately;
  •  Kindly advise you to wait for refunds from the traffic service provider (usually no more than 14 days);
  •  After refund has credited to the Capitalist card, then you can deactivate the card in the Capitalist personal account. The funds will be transferred from the deactivated card to the Capitalist account within 3 working days;
  •  Please, pay attention to the fact that after card blocking in the personal account all subsequent replenishments of already deactivated card will be unavailable to refund.
Attention! The Capitalist system is not responsible for violating the rules of ad campaign payments (for example, "bill fraud") with subsequent fund blocking by the traffic service provider!