Your Capitalist account security

Publication date: 05.08.2022

Dear Clients,

Every day we develop our services, make them more convenient and effective for you. We are proud of our security system: over the past 9 years not a single case of information leakage or client account hacking due to the fault of the Capitalist system was recorded.

We would like to draw your attention to our official support channels, which are published on the website in the section Contacts:

 We also have a Telegram contact to accept promo codes for various promotions:

We kindly ask you:
 - DO NOT report your login and password to foreign channels in Telegram and other networks;
 - DO NOT follow unknown links.

Capitalist Support Team:
 -  DOES NOT accept any payments;
 -  DOES NOT generate links for payments on third-party services.

An example of a fake account unrelated to the Capitalist support:

The Capitalist company protects security and privacy of your accounts!