Payment channel to bank cards of Kazakhstan

Publication date: 28.09.2022

Dear Clients,

We kindly remind that you can make payments from the Capitalist wallet to cards issued by banks of Kazakhstan.

Payment currency:
KZT (Kazakh tenge) 
Debit currency: USD.* 
*In case of wallet currency differs from payment currency (USD), the amount will be pre-converted to USD. 
Min payment amount: 1 USD (equivalent in selected currency). 
Max payment amount: 500 USD (equivalent in selected currency). 
The amount (KZT) is converted on the base of exchange rates USD/KZT** 
** The autoconversion exchange rate is displayed under the transfer amount field. 
Fee: 3% + 0.8 USD 
To make payments to Kazakh bank cards, please, follow the menu section: Transfer funds → Bank  transfers/ Bank cards → Kazakh bank cards, KZT 
Detailed fees