Payouts to Uzbek bank cards, UZS

Publication date: 25.06.2023

Dear Clients,

We are pleased to inform about a new payment channel - to Uzbek bank cards in UZS currency.

Withdrawals are available to cards of HUMO and UzCard payment systems.

  • Payment currency: UZS (Uzbek sum) 
  •  Min payment amount 2000 UZS
  •  Max payment amount 5 000 000 UZS
  •  Debit currency: USD
    * The transfer amount is carried out through the USD -> UZS conversion. In case of the Capitalist wallet currency differs from payment currency in USD, the amount will be pre-converted to USD.
    ** The autoconversion exchange rate is displayed under the transfer amount field.
  •  Fee: 2.5%

To make payments to Uzbek bank cards, please follow the menu section: Transfer funds → Bank transfers and Bank cards → Uzbek cards, UZS

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