Suspension of payments to PayTM payment system wallets

Publication date: 14.03.2024

Dear clients,

Withdrawal to Indian payment system PayTM is temporarily suspended. 
We suggest using IMPS (Immediate payment service)  as an alternative payment method.

IMPS (Immediate payment service) is an electronic interbank instant payment system operating through the mobile operators in India.

Fee: 7% + 7 INR (per transaction)
Min payment amount: 2 000 INR
Max payment amount:  90 000 INR

To make payments in rupees, please note that the conversion is carried out through the USD currency. Before confirming the transaction the client is informed about the amount to be transferred to the payee in rupees.

  • For transferring funds to Indian payment systems, please follow to the menu section Transfer funds → Online Wallets → Payment method IMPS  
  • Detailed fees: