New payment method to Russian bank cards via the Faster Payment System (SBP)

Publication date: 28.03.2024

Dear Clients, 

We are pleased to announce a new payment method in the Capitalist system — to bank cards of the Russian Federation via the Faster Payment System (SBP).

Payment execution currency: RUB

Fee: 3.5 %*
*For payments up to 2500 RUB: 3.5 % + 50 RUB


  •  Min one-time payment: 500 RUB
  •  Max one-time payment: 150 000 RUB
  •  Max limit per day: 200 000 RUB
  •  Max limit per month: 400 000 RUB

If payments are made from the account in a different currency than the transaction currency (RUB), the amount will be automatically converted to RUB according to the current internal exchange rate of the system.

To send a payment via the SBP to the cards of the Russian Federation, RUB:

In your Personal account open the "Transfers" section (left menu bar)
—> Wire transfers and cards —> Russian bank cards via SBP 

Additional requirements:
To send funds, you must enter the recipient's phone number and e-mail, select a bank, enter the recipient's first and last name, write the purpose of the payment.
Important: the purpose of the payment is an internal requirement of the Capitalist system and is not transmitted to the addressee when making a transaction.

 Please note that this payment method is suitable for transactions with high limits on one-time withdrawals.

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