Capitalist discovers a new GEO - Latin America: payments to PIX (Brazil), PSE (Colombia)

Publication date: 24.06.2024

Dear Clients,

We are pleased to announce a new geographical direction of payments in the Capitalist system - Latin America. Payment channels that are currently available: PIX (Brazil), PSE (Colombia).

PIX is an instant payment platform created and managed by the Central Bank of Brazil.
Fee: 3.1%
Min single payment: none
Max single payment: the equivalent of 10,000 USD in the national currency BRL

PSE (Pago Seguro Electrónico) is a real—time payment method developed by ACH Colombia that allows users to make online payments and transfers safely and quickly.
Fee: 5% + 1 USD 
Min single payment: 50 000  COP
Max single payment: 3 944 000 000 COP

Debit currency: USD*
*The transfer is made via USD —> COP/BRL conversion. In case of making payment from a Capitalist wallet other than USD, a preliminary conversion to USD will be made. The automatic conversion rate is displayed under the transfer amount input field.

To make payment on PIX/ PSE, go to Transfers → Bank transfers and cards → Brazilian PIX, BRL/ Columbian PSE, COP

The amount which is going to be credited in the national currency will be displayed in an additional window under the transfer amount at the time of payment.

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