Unavailability of payments to QIWI wallets


Dear Clients, Due to the license revocation by the Central Bank of Russia from QIWI bank all payouts to the wallets of this payment system have been stopped.

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Operational difficulties with payments to Russian bank cards


Dear Clients, At the moment there are temporary transaction difficulties with payouts to Russian bank cards for the reasons beyond our control.  To reduce the number of cancelled payments, providers have adjusted the transaction settings. In case of impossibility to process the part of payments are made via the main payment channel  will be executed via the Card2Card payment channel  (payouts from cards of individuals).

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Changes in Bitcoin payment fees


Dear Clients, Due to cost increasing in Bitcoin network the fee for transactions made from Capitalist accounts to Bitcoin wallets has been changed. From the 7th of December the fee is charged at a rate of 0.00025 BTC, regardless of the payment amount.

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Virtual cards New BIN USA


Dear Clients, We are glad to announce that the virtual cards with new USA BIN are available for release in the Capitalist system. Capitalist virtual Cards with USA BIN can be used: ▪️ For balance replenishment in popular international advertising networks; ▪️ For payments of services and tools for webmasters; ▪️ For payments of online services that do not require 3D Secure *

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Restoration of the Capitalist virtual card replenishment and transations


Dear Clients, We are glad to inform that Capitalist virtual card replenishment and transactions have been resumed by the issuing bank and are working in a stable mode.

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