Fee changes for outgoing transfers to Russian bank cards, RUR


Dear Clients, From the 9th of July, 2021 the fee for payments to the main payment channel to bank cards issued by the Russian Federation banks in RUR will be adjusted. The fee will be charged at a rate of 5% of the total transfer amount.

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Capitalist company on TES 2021, Marbella


Dear Clients,  Today begins TES conference - one of the largest international conferences in the field of affiliate marketing that will be held on July 2-5, 2021 online on the Brella platform and offline in Marbella (Spain). The representative and speaker from the Capitalist company is Daria Byvaltseva, Development Director.

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Fee changes for outgoing transfers


Dear Clients, Due to the sharp changing in the cost of financial transactions on the side of services providers the fees for payments on some payment channels will be adjusted in the Capitalist system from the 3rd of July, 2021:

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The backup payment chanel for Russian bank cards, RUR


Dear clients! There is temporary suspension of payments to bank cards issued by the Russian Federation banks in RUR currency on the main channel. We are making every effort to restore this payment gateway. In case of need to execute urgent payments to Russian bank cards in RUR currency, please, use the backup payment chanel Card2Card: The limit for one transaction is from 1 000 RUR to 100 000 RUR, the amount is not splitted; Fast crediting of funds; The fee is dynamic. Please, pay attention to the fees during transaction confirmation.

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Reduction of cards maintenance fees (USD)


Dear Clients, We are glad to inform you that we have reduced the fees for maintaining unlimited virtual cards in USD. Card issue: $ 2.95 instead of $ 3.5; Monthly maintenance: $ 2.7 instead of $ 3.5; Funding a card from a Capitalist account: 3.3% instead of 4%.

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