Refund policy for Capitalist virtual cards


Dear Clients,  If you use Capitalist virtual cards to launch ads, please, check out our card refund policy:  - If social network has blocked an account linked to the Capitalist card, we do not recommend you deactivate the card in the personal account of the Capitalist system immediately; - Kindly advise you to wait for refunds from the traffic service provider (usually no more than 14 days);

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New currency in the Capitalist system: USDC (Erc20)


Dear Clients, Now in the Capitalist system you have an opportunity to make transactions in stablecoin USDC (Erc20).  Your free USDC (ERC20) account will be automatically added to the section Crypto accounts.

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Fee changes for transactions in USDT (Trс20, Erc20)


Dear Clients, From the 21st of April, 2022, the fee for USDT Tether transactions  will be changed. The new fees for this payment method are:  USDT Erc20 - 0.35% + network fee   USDT Trc20 - 0.35%, min 2 USDT

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Fee reduction for Russian bank card payments in RUR


Dear Clients, We are pleased to inform you about fee reduction for transfers to Russian bank cards in RUR. The fees  for this payment method are charged at a rate of:  To Russian bank cards, RUR - 4% min.35 RUR (instead of 5%) of the total transfer amount;  To Russian bank cards, RUR (Card2Card) - 3.5% min.50 RUR (instead of 6%) of the total transfer amount.

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Cashback crediting for transfers to WebMoney wallets


Dear Clients, Capitalist clients receive 5% cash back of the total transfer amount for payments on WebMoney wallets. The current transaction fee for this payment channel is 0%.

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