Business Safety Boards in the current financial situation


Dear Clients,  In the face of sanctions pressure from the US, EU countries and the UK, we drew up recommendations for you. 

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Temporary suspension of payments to bank cards of Kazakhstan, KZT


Dear Clients, due to difficulties on the side of financial service providers there is a temporary suspension of payments to VISA cards to bank cards of Kazakhstan, KZT. Our team is making every effort to promptly restorate this payment channel. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

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Advertising campaign billing fraud and card blocking


Dear Clients,  Our company policy implies fair and transparent billing schemes for advertising campaigns payments. We have a negative attitude to bill fraud and card blocking to avoid paying post-payments in the sphere of affiliate marketing. 

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Dynamic fee for payments in USDT (Erc20) and USDT (Trc20)


Dear Clients, For payments in USDT (Erc20) and USDT (Trc20) a dynamic fee is introduced. It is updated every few minutes and allows to make payments according to the relevant market on favourable terms.

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Mass payments to Ethereum (ETH), USDT Erc20, USDT Trc20 (Tron) accounts


Dear Clients, Within the Capitalist mass payment service are now available transactions to Ethereum (ETH), USDT Erc20, USDT Trc20 (Tron) accounts.

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