Capitalist cards
Card type Plastic and virtual Virtual
Currency EUR USD
Payments SMS confirmation (3D Secure) Yes No
Card Application field Withdrawing funds from ATM (plastic cards);
Payments in offline and online stores;
Payment for advertising campaigns in ad networks, Facebook & Google.
Payment solution primarily for Facebook ads.
Verification by passport or ID document (KYC) Yes No
Citizenship Any (except for sanctioned countries) European Union
Verification in the Capitalist system No Yes
How many cards can be issued per account 5 (for example, 3 plastic cards and 2 virtual cards) unlimited*
*One card per one person
Country of bank card issuer Lithuania Great Britain
Bank card turnover (per month) 5 000 / 10 000 / 20 000 EUR 20 000 USD
Google Pay support No No
Apple Pay support Yes No
PayPal support No Yes
Card issue Plastic card — 5 EUR
Virtual card — 3.5 EUR
2.95 USD
Verification (KYC) 2.5 EUR
Monthly maintenance (per each card) 3 EUR 2.7 USD
Funding from Capitalist account 1% — plastic card
3% — virtual card
3.3% (min 3.5 USD)
Unload funds from card to Capitalist account 1.00 USD
Transactions fee (online, offline) 0 EUR — online transaction
0.25 EUR — POS-transaction
0.5 USD (online transactions only)