Operation get_document_fee

The operation of calculating the fee based on the parameters of the document before downloading.

Query parameters

Parameter Value
operation get_document_fee
login <User name>
token <TOKEN>. Obtained after invoking get_token.
encrypted_password Encrypted password. It is obtained after user password RSA encryption with the use of a public exponent and the modulus obtained in invoking the get_token operation.
document_type Document type.
May take the following values:
  • internal — a transfer to an internal account
  • conversion — currency conversion between internal accounts
  • WIRE (wire) — a transfer to the Bank account
  • YANDEX (yandexmoney) — a transfer to an Yandex.Money wallet
  • RUCARD (rucard) — a transfer to an Russian bank card
  • UKRCARD (uacard) — a transfer to an Ukraine bank card
  • KZCARD — a transfer to Kazakhstan bank card
  • WORLDCARD (worldcard) — a transfer to an Mastercard worldwide bank card
  • WM (webmoney) — a transfer to a Webmoney wallet
  • QIWI (qiwi) — a transfer to Qiwi wallet
  • MEGAFON (megafon) — a transfer to Megafon account
  • BEELINE (beeline) — a transfer to Beeline account
  • MTS (mts) — a transfer to MTS account
  • TELE2 (tele2) — a transfer to Tele2 account
  • UKR_MOBILE — a transfer to account in Ukrainian mobile operator
  • USDTERC20, USDTTRC20, usdt — a transfer to USDT address
  • USDCERC20 — a transfer to USDC address
  • ETH — a transfer to Ethereum address
  • BITCOIN — a transfer to Bitcoin address
  • IMPS — a transfer to IMPS account
  • PAYTM — a transfer to PayTM account
source_accountYour internal account for debiting.
amountTransfer amount (in the currency of the account from source_account).
dest_accountRecipient's account number.
This parameter is required only if document_type = internal or conversion.
wiretagBank transfer type. Default value is: OUR.
This parameter is required only if document_type = wire.
usdt_networkUSDT network: ethereum (by default) or tron.
This parameter is required only if document_type = usdt.

Mandatory query parameters depend on chosen document type

Document type source_account amount dest_account wiretag
YANDEX (yandexmoney)
WM (webmoney)
RUCARD (rucard)
UKRCARD (uacard)
QIWI (qiwi)
MTS (mts)
MEGAFON (megafon)
BEELINE (beeline)
TELE2 (tele2)
USDTERC20, USDTTRC20, (usdt)

See also

  • import_batch_advanced — Uploading a batch payment into the system with the possibility to choose the verification method.
  • process_batch — Batch payment confirmation.

Response in the CSV format


Line No. Data format


Value Description
<fee>Payment fee in currency <currency>
<currency>Payment fee currency
<src_amount>Initial payment amount

Response examples

JSON (recommended format, please set x-response-format=json header)

    "code": 0,
    "message": "",
    "data": {
        "fee": "40.00",
        "currency": "USD",
        "amount": "100.00"


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